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Tac Net APU stands as a distinguished and dependable security service provider, specializing in a comprehensive range of security solutions such as armed escorts, anti-poaching initiatives, armed response, farm security, armed static protection, alarm monitoring, and technical services.

• First and foremost, safeguard our clients, their assets, properties, and wildlife.
• Attain recognition for unwavering professionalism in all client interactions.
• Establish acclaim for employing superior techniques, training, and real -life experience in our security personnel.
• Garner high regard among clients, prospective clients, referrals, and within the industry.
• Minimize loss for our clients

Service Delivery Strategy
•Recruitment of experienced, professional, qualified, and highly trained staff.
•Utilization of state-of-the-art equipment and firearms.
•Comprehensive planning, preparation, and execution of all tasks.
•Implementation of unique strategies tailored to each situation.
•Centralized monitoring and coordination through our in-house 24-hour control room.

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