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The International Protection Academy

was founded in 2011, an International Company and not an Association. The IPA is spread all over the world and it maintains close relations with well-known bodyguarding and security companies. Training is spearheaded by Mr. Frank Zota who hails from Germany, the Chief Instructor for the IPA as well as the Chief Instructor for KMCS International. Mr. Zota is a Krav Maga Full Instructor, a Level C Kapap Instructor, Law Enforcement and Advanced Firearm Instructor and, a Level 3 High-Risk Area Instructor. Mr Pienaar (Tac Net APU) is the Director of IPA South Africa and has also received all the training and certifications provided by the IPA.


Tac Net APU has benefitted from the establishment of the IPA since day one. Through this collaboration, Tac Net APU is placed in a unique position where its employees receive specialized, training from the IPA based in Germany on a regular basis. The training is specifically aimed at the real-world scenarios that Tac Net APU officers may face during the execution of their various duties.

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